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Owner/Operator Chris Karfakis was born in Philadelphia, PA and attended Temple University
as a Chemistry Major. His chemistry background has worked to enhance his career in the food
service industry as it has served to help him understand foods, their ingredients and their

Prior to launching PearTree Specialties, Chris was the owner/operator of Chris’ Mobil Chef
Catering. An extremely successful social & industrial catering business, Chris’ Mobil Chef
worked to service the local geographic region of Pennsylvania and New Jersey for over 19
years. During this time, Chris built several strategic partnerships with both local businesses
and food service vendors of all kinds.

In 1991 Chris felt he wanted to explore new horizons and Chris’ Mobil Chef Catering
underwent an employee buy out.

From 1991-1994 Chris worked as an Account Executive for a $20 million dollar food service
equipment company where he was responsible for establishing and developing the company’s
sales market in the Lehigh Valley. During this time Chris was successful in procuring numerous
customer accounts and relationships in the Lehigh Valley. He worked to service and maintain
these accounts which subsequently led to significant increases in the company’s revenue.
Many of these relationships would work to serve him when he would found PearTree.

Chris left his Account Executive position in 1994 to buy-out ownership of a natural foods store
located in Doylestown, PA. It is here that he fused his learned disciplines with that of the natural
foods profession. PearTree Specialties was spawned, as Chris was able to identify a need in
the industry. He successfully owned and operated this establishment until 1998 when he sold it
to dedicate full time and effort to PearTree Specialties.

Chris’ ability to establish long-term relationships, service the client’s needs with near flawless
execution and vast product knowledge has resulted in a rather impressive client roster for

- Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia
- Dupont Nemours
- MBNA America
- Merck & Co.
- Princeton University
- Rutger’s University
- Temple University
- The Vanguard Group

Chris’ unique services to are now available to help you maintain a high degree of culinary